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Twelve reasons for joining

  1. Knowledge is power. In the NORPAPP survey (2016) our members said that they received diagnosis sooner than other psoriasis patients. Members also feel they have better access to specialist healthcare.
  2. Ihonaika magazine shares timely information and experiences about psoriasis. Members receive the magazine five times a year as a member benefit. The annual fee for the magazine without membership is 50€.
  3. Free counselling and advice via telephone, e-mail and Facebook are provided by Psorilinja. A nurse with psoriasis expertise answers all Psorilinja contacts.
  4. Valuable benefits. The membership card provides you with discounts at for instance travel agencies, hotels, pedicures and opticians. Explore member benefits.
  5. Peer support, lectures and events in various parts of Finland can be found through local associations. Associations organize for instance medical lectures, tours, and swim sessions at local public swimming pools. The lectures provide information about psoriasis, its treatment and rehabilitation, as well as research results on the disease. There are also a number of Facebook peer groups, where one can safely discuss their illness.
  6. Support for living with the illness. The Finnish Psoriasis Association offers adaptation training and other rehabilitation courses in Finland and the Canary Islands.
  7. Defending rights. The association promotes the availability of timely and effective treatment and rehabilitation for psoriasis patients. Psoriasis patients should have equal opportunities with everyone else in all areas of life and society. The more members there are, the stronger the alliance is to drive the rights of people with psoriasis.
  8. Visibility for psoriasis. The association increases awareness of psoriasis as a disease and dispels prejudices against the disease in accordance with the objectives by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  9. Activities for different age groups. Nupso organizes activities for young people with psoriasis. Families with children and young patients with psoriasis can find their own activities and courses. There are also courses for seniors.
  10. You are part of the global community. There are about 125 million people worldwide with psoriasis. As a member, you are part of the wider international community of people suffering from psoriasis.
  11. The opportunity to influence. As a member, you are welcome to influence the objectives and functioning of the Finnish Psoriasis Association and your local association.
  12. As a member, you are involved in building a good life for psoriasis patients.

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