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Psoriasisliiton lahjoita-sivun kuva, jossa nainen pitää sormia sydämen muodossa.


Make a donation to support our activities.

By donating money, you support our work to help people suffering from psoriasis. Funds are used for example in prevention and rehabilitation, advocacy, youth activity and increasing the awareness of psoriasis. In addition, the funds are used for research and publication activities. The account number for donations to The Finnish Psoriasis Association is FI 89 1745 3000 0257 10. The collection permit is valid from 1.1.2021. The permit number is RA/2020/1621. The permit is valid for the whole of Finland apart from Åland. The National Police Board granted the collection permit 16.12.2020.

If you wish to specify that your donation will be allocated to a certain activity, mark the desired item as the payment reference:

Supported activity | Reference number

Advocacy | 9001

Disease prevention | 8400

Help and guidance | 4080

Increasing general awareness of psoriasis 4006

Recreational activities | 7100

Rehabilitation | 6004

Research  | 5500

Services for the young | 6800


Writing a will is one of the biggest decisions of a person’s life. We wish to respect the last will of people who have made bequests to our association. If you wish, you may allocate your bequest to one of the targets above or you can direct it to The Finnish Psoriasis Association in general, in which case we evaluate what is the most important target in the current context. Bequests received by the Finnish Psoriasis Association are used in full to help patients with psoriasis, children and adults, because as a non-profit association The Finnish Psoriasis Association does not pay the legacies of inheritance and gift tax.

For more information: Sonja Bäckman, tel: 040 827 2106 or sonja.backman[at]